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The key point for Hot work die steel heat treatment
  • Heat treatment  is very important which in the process to made in die casting . In short, the heat treatment is through the different temperature and control to change the steel internal structure or organization, so as to improve the performance of steel. For example by quenching and tempering to increase the die hardness and wear resistance and toughness! In order to improve the service life of the die; according to the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) recommendations, hot work steel must guarantee the cooling rate during quenching process ,it is only used in the vacuum furnace, and the vacuum degree is above 12BAR can  meet this condition, based on this considerations, our company introduced Germany SCHMETZ 15BAR vacuum furnace!
  • Hot work die common problems such as: dehiscence , crack, erosion, micro cracks etc failure forms are our commitment to research field! We will stand in the angle for die steel and heat treatment   to prevent these failure forms  early onset!
  • professional knowledge for hot work die and heat treatment practice , together with the  first-class Germany vacuum heat treatment technology , kenatal Industrial devote to provide the best quality services for heat treatment to almost all of the hot work die steel  manufacturing enterprises .
  • The scope of services:
  • Vacuum quenching, tempering
  • Hot work steel maintain secrecy quenching method
  • Vacuum annealing
  • Stress relieving treatment
  • Annealing equipment specifications:
  • The maximum size of vacuum furnace: 900 x 900 x 600mm
  • Maximum processing weight: 1200 KG vacuum furnace
  • The maximum cooling pressure vacuum furnace: 15 BAR