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  • factory state
  • Tempering in to 229HB,heat treatment up to 51-53HRC
  • element(%):(just for reference) 

C carbonium

Si silicon

Mn manganese

Cr chromium

Mo molybdenum

V vanadium







  • charactaristic: 
  • 1. 2344ESR is produced by the German Ge Liz factory .the steel material is uniformity and high wear resistance under high temperature,
  • 2. Resistance to sudden changes of temperature and thermal stress fatigue
  • 3. when it is in the high temperature ,it remains still high strength
  • 4. Toughness and good ductility
  • 5. Good cutting and polishing performance
  • 6. Good hardenability
  • main application: 
  • 1. Aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy die-casting mold, 7-10 ten thousand times the service life for aluminum alloy mold . more than 200000 times using life for zinc alloy mold , We suggest to use such hot work die steel .Please refer to our comopany guidance for quenching and tempering.
  • 2. aluminum profile extruding die
  • heat treatment: 
  • quenching:1020-1050℃(Oil cooling or air cooling) 
  • tempering:180-650℃,to avoid the appearance for the tempering fragility
  • Technology consultation of CCT and tempering curve map, please send mail to Sales@kenatal.com