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  • Factory state
  • Tempering to 229HB ,heat treatment up to 55-57 HRC
  • Element (%):
  • Patent products has not yet been announced
  • Charactaristic
  • 1. HODMAX is the new high function die casting mold steel from SOREL FORGE factory. After  electroslag remelting and ultra refining for the special steel material , it is excellent thermal stress fatigue and stablity .Under the condition of high intensity and high thermal stress ,it still has high toughness .it can be work under 680 degree temperature .
  • 2. Under High temperature,it works still keeping high intensity .
  • 3. High toughness and good ductility
  • 4.  Good hardenability
  • Main application
  • 1. Aluminum, copper alloy die castng and forging mold ,it especailly fit to the copper and alunimum  die casting . We suggest to use the copper die cating mold which has 1.5-2 ten thousand times service life as the hot work steel mold .Please refer to our comopany guidance propose of the quenching and tempering.
  • 2.aluminum profile extruding die
  • Heat treatment:
  • uenching:1050-1080℃(油冷或气冷Oil cooling or air cooling )
  • tempering:600-660℃.
  • Technology consultation of CCT and tempering curve map, please send mail to Sales@kenatal.com